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VOLUME (5) NO (2)

1. Understanding Cuminum cyminum: An important seed spice crop of arid and semi arid regions. S.Kumar , S.N.Saxena , J. G.Mistry , R.S.Fougat , R.K.Solanki and R.Sharma 

2. Selected physical and mechanical properties of black pepper seed (cv .  Panniyar-5). P.Barnwal , K.K.Singh , Alka Sharma , A.K.Chaudhary ,   T .J. Zachariah and S.N.Saxen

3. Genetic variability , character associations, path coefficient and divergence analysis in         inbreds of fennel (Foeniculum vulgare Mill.). R. C. Jeeterwal , E.V .Divakara Sastry , S. S.   Rajput and D. Singh

4. Production, productivity and quality of ajwain (Trachyspermum ammiL. Sprague) as affected by plant geometry and fertilizer levels. R. Muvel, I.S. Naruka, R.S. Chundawat , R.P .S. Shaktawat, S.S. Rathore and K.S. V erma.

5. Performance of front line demonstrations of fenugreek on yield and farmers' returns in Kukanwali area of Rajasthan. G.Lal,  Y .K. Sharma,R.S.Meena,N.K.Meena and S.P . Maheria

6. Effect of weed management practices on weed dynamic,yield of isabgol (Plantago ovataForsk) and germination of succeeding crop. D. Salvi , A.U. Amin , C.H.Raval , K.G.  Vyas, P . Patel and C.S.Patel

7. Response of phosphorus,phosphate solubilizing bacteria and zinc on yield and quality of blond psyllium (Plantago ovata Forsk). A.C.Shivran,S.S.  Y adav , O. P . Sharma,L.R.  Y adav,B.L.Dudwal and O. P . Meena

8. Effect of technological intervention of line sowing on cumin (Cuminum cyminumL.) yield in western Rajasthan. Hari Dayal , R.N.Kumawat , A.K.Misra , R.R.Meghwal and P .S. Bhati

9. Productivity and economics of fennel (Foeniculum vulgare Mill) based inter cropping system. A.U. Amin,S.M. Patel,S.G.Patel and S.P . Patel

10. Plant regeneration in coriander (Coriandrum sativumL.). A.Thapa , S.S.Rathore, L.K.Sharma,D. Agrawal and S.N.Saxena

11. Effect of drip irrigation scheduling on growth and seed production of fennel (Foeniculum vulgareMill.) under semi-arid agro-climatic condition. M.L.Jat,A.C.Shivran , M.M.Puniya,P . K.Boori, B.L.Ola and H.P .   Verma

12. Influence of storage period and packaging practices on essential oil and organoleptic quality of fennel (Foeniculum vulgare Mill) seed. G.Lal , R.S.Mehta , B.K.Sharma , A.Bhati and B.M.Barolia

13. Stem gall resistant coriander variety ACr-1 grown as relay cropping with safed musali – Asuccess story. D.K.Singh, R.K.Kakani , K.C.Meena , I.N.Gupta and M.A.Khan

14. Effect of cryogenic grinding on oil yield,phenolics and antioxidant properties of ajwain (T rachyspermum ammiL.). L.K.Sharma , D. Agarwal,S.K.Meena,S.S.Rathore and S.N.Saxena

15. Assessment of variability in leaf essential oil of three coriander (Coriandrum sativum L.) genotypes. S.S.Rathore ,L.K.Sharma,D. Agarwal,B.Singh and S.N.Saxena 

16. Sensitivity of cumin rhizosphereT richoderma isolates to fungicides. Y . K. Sharma, R. D. Meena, Priyanka Singh and Balraj Singh

17. Influence of cultural practices on infestation of fennel seed wasp (Systole albipennis  Walker). S.R.Meena,Krishna Kant,B.K.Mishra,R.S.Mehta, P . N.Dubey , N.K.Meena and Prateek Sinha

18. Growth and export performance of major seed spices. P . Solanki and R.Sharma

19. Characterization and evaluation of cumin (Cuminum cyminumL.) germplasm. R.S.Meena, R.K.Kakani,  Y . K.Sharma,R.D. Meena,R.K.Solanki, Sharda Choudhary , Krishna Kant and Alka Panwar 




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