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Volume (7) No (1)


2. Disease problems in the cultivation of coriander (Coriandrum sativum L.) and their management leading to production of high quality pathogen free seed M. N. Khare, S. P. Tiwari and Y.K.Sharma

3. Performance of coriander varieties (Coriandrum sativum L.) under organic management system G. Lal, C. B. Harisha, N. K. Meena, R. D. Meena and M.K. Choudhary

4. Some design parametric considerations of cryogenic pre-cooler for spices grinding P. Barnwal, K.K.Singh, P. Kumar, S.N. Saxena

5. Persistence of azoxystrobin in cumin crop cultivated on sandy loam soils of Rajasthan, India P. N. Dubey, A. Saha, K. Kant, Y. K. Sharma, S. N. Saxena, B. K. Mishra and G. Lal

6. Effect of acute gamma radiation exposure on seed germination, survivability and seedling growth in cumin cv. Gujarat Cumin-4 A.K. Verma, K.S. Reddy, P. Dhansekar and B. Singh

7. Effect of irrigation schedule and organic manures on growth and water use efficiency of fenugreek (Trigonella foenum-graecum L.) under middle Gujarat conditions S. Sharma, R. H. Patel, Vaishali H. Surve and S. Kumawat

8. Comparative study for yield and economics of seed spices based cropping system with fruit and vegetable crops S.S. Meena, G. Lal, R.S. Mehta, R.D. Meena. N. Kumar and G.K.Tripathi

9. Characterization of volatile compounds in floral honey from coriander using Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectroscopy I. U. Khan, W. Dubey, V. Gupta

10. Management of blight and powdery mildew diseases of cumin by spacing and potash application N. R. Patel, A. M. Amin and A. U. Amin

11. Response of Cuminum cyminum for various modes of micronutrients application including uptake and their availability in soil C. B. Harisha, Y. Diwakar, O. P. Aishwath, R. Singh and H. Asangi

12. Evaluation of multi-purpose fenugreek variety Pusa Early Bunching (PEB) D. B. Prajapati , A. M. Amin, S. A. Gupta, B. G. Prajapati and A. U. Amin

13. Population dynamics of insect pests, natural enemies and pollinators of Fenugreek (Trigonella foenum-graecum L.) K. Kant, N. K. Meena, S. R. Meena, B. K. Mishra, G. Lal, M. K. Vishal and D. P. Singh

14. Assessment of front line demonstrations on yield enhancement of fenugreek under TSP area in pratapgarh district of Rajasthan G. Lal, R. S. Mehta, R. S. Meena, N. K. Meena and M. L. Choudhary

15. Effect of weed invasion on Ramularia blight disease incidence in fennel (Foeniculum valgare Mill.) R. D. Meena, R. Singh, G. Lal, Y. K. Sharma, N. Kumar, N. K. Meena, S. S. Meena, N. L. Meena, S. Choudhary and A. K. Verma

16. Gujarat Dantiwada leafy coriander 1- A new variety for vegetable purpose D. B. Prajapati, A. M. Amin, B. G. Prajapati, N. R. Patel, S. A. Gupta and A. U. Amin

17. Effect of inter cropping on termite management of fenugreek under North Gujarat conditions B. G. Prajapati, N. R. Patel, D. B. Prajapati and A.M. Amin

18. Effect of sowing time and management practices on incidence of stem gall and seed yield of coriander (Coriandrum sativum L.) P. Verma, D. S. Meena, C. Jadon and D. K. Singh

19. Identification of reference genes for real time PCR analysis in Dill seed (Anethum sowa) S. H. Patel, H. L. Dhaduk, S. Kumar

20. Field evaluation of coriander genotypes against powdery mildew A. M. Amin, N. R. Patel, B. G. Prajapati and D. G. Patel

21. A new record of burrowing bug, Microporus nigrita (F.) in Rajasthan N. Ram and V. K. Agrawal

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