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 Volume (7) No (2)


1. Variability in morpho-physiological parameters of fenugreek genotypes (D. Vyas, R. K. Kakani, D. Agarwal, P. N. Dubey and S. N. Saxena)

2. Variability for qualitative and quantitative characters in coriander(Coriandrum sativum L.) genotypes. (R. Chitra)

3. Effects of sowing dates on plant growth and seed yield of ajmer green coriander-1 in winter season( G. Lal, R. S. Metha, R. Singh, M. K. Choudhary and S. P. Maheria)

4. Nutrients uptake pattern in some important cultivars of fennel under typic haplustepts for their management precisely and farmgate budgeting (O.P. Aishwath)

5. Effect of packaging materials and methods on quality characteristics of dehydrated fenugreek (Trigonella foenum graecum L.) leaves during storage (P. D. Jawake,V. D. Mudgal and D. Rajpurohi)

6. Effect of intercropping seed spices with vegetable for enhancing system profitability (R. S. Mehta, S. S. Meena and G. Lal)

7. Rhizosphere effect in seed spices plants grown under semi-arid conditions (B. K. Mishra, P. N. Dubey, Y. K. Sharma, K. Kant and D. Devi)

8. Influence of weed management practices on weeds, yield, quality and economics of fennel (S. M. Patel, A. U. Amin, S. P. Patel and J .A. Patel )

9. Evaluation of different insecticides and botanicals against aphids and leafhoppers infesting fenugreek (B. G. Prajapati, D. B. Prajapati and S. A. Gupta)

10. Yield and economic feasibility of ajwain (Trachyspermumammi L.) under varying irrigation and nutrient levels (S. M. Patel and A. U. Amin)

11. Status of some enzymatic activities in cumin field soil under theinfluence of propiconazole (P. N. Dubey, S. N. Saxena and B. K. Mishra)

12. Effect of cropping sequence and nutrient management on cumin yield and fertility of soil (S. M. Patel, A. U. Amin, and H. B.Patel )

13. Impact of front line demonstrations on productivity enhancement of cumin in arid zone (B. Singh and A. K. Sharma)

14. Feasibility of ajwain as intercrop in cumin (Cuminum cyminum L.) (S. M. Patel and A. U. Amin)

15. Chemical management of cumin blight (N. R. Patel, A. M. Amin and A. U. Amin)

16. Management of agronomical constraints for enhancing seed spice production in Rajasthan (L. K. Jain and H. P. Parewa)

17. Convective drying of fenugreek (Trigonella foenum graecum L.)leaves (P. D. Jawake, V. D. Mudgal and D. Rajpurohit )

18. Agronomical, morphological and nutritive analysis of different fenugreek cultivars under cuttings management (S. A. Gupta, D. B. Prajapati, B. G. Prajapati and A. U. Amin)

19. Effect of date of sowing on Ramularia blight of fennel and its correlation with weather parameters (V. N. Aliya, N. R. Patel*, A. M. Amin and J. Patel)

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